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Hardgames is a server that is focused on not copying and learning people about insects, the server itself is a game where you play as one of four insects (bees, wasps, ants and termited). Every insect needs to collect resources to become stronger and defeat the other teams to protect their own lands. In future updates we’ll include minigames (kitPVP, 1v1arena,...) to not bore our players. We have a set of rules that we would like you to follow we picked out the most important ones for you:

  1. Don’t Hack/use glitches to your advantage
  2. Don’t spam/advertise
  3. Don’t hunt for staff
  4. Don’t grief
  5. Do not camp out a spawn

These rules should be followed at all times, all the rules are made to protect our players and make the server fun for everyone. Breaking a rule will result in direct punishment, you have been warned!

For more detailed rules contact a staff on our discord. If you want to support our project, feel free to buy a rank!

If you got punished for breaking a rule and you want to appeal, you can always fill in this form. This could also be used if you think you got banned/muted unjustified. If you tell us about the mistake you made and how you will try to avoid making this mistake you can also request a punishment reduction. Please note that “troll appeals” can get you removed from any contact with the server and/or staff team.


Info for parents:

Our server tries our best to keep the server family friendly, note that this doesn’t mean our server is family friendly. If you want to know if your children are breaking our rules by hacking/advertising/... you can always request to give news about your child’s account at the e-mail address day12.light12@gmail.comWe can also keep track of how long your child was on our server. If you mailed us we will always send a message if an item has been bought, we’ll note the name of item, worth and what it does. You may also request updates on server problems that could endanger your child's safety, all though these things don’t happen often. Reporting people that endanger your child or the server can be reported in the discord or @justcats12/daanplays on twitter, our staff will take action as soon as possible.